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Fanfic : Gossip Girl :Betrayal Unmasqued : The Wedding Bomb - Gossip Girl FAN FICTION! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fanfic : Gossip Girl :Betrayal Unmasqued : The Wedding Bomb [Aug. 24th, 2009|08:43 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!


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Title: Gossip Girl: Betrayal Unmasqued : The Wedding Bomb
Author: pandorasbox88
Gendre: Romance / Thriller
Characters: Chuck, Blair, Serena, etc.
Rating: PG
Disclamer: I do not own Gossip Girl or any of it's characters.
Chapter: Oneshot
Summary: The Cliffhanger: Oh My God !
Spoilers: If you believe................




After hearing ther name being announced, our very favourite couple strolls into The Grande Ballroom of The New York Palace to their wedding reception.  La Nouvelle Madame Bass is wearing a snow white chiffon  wedding dress by Vera Wang and matching shoes by Prada.  Hand in hand, with her drop dead hot hubby who is wearing a crisp, new plum-coloured monkey suit with black and white two-toned pointed shoes.  They sit at the head table before their adoring public who is clapping blissfully.

Next to our favourite newlyweds sits the Maid of Honour who is of course, none other than Miss Serena Cecelia Van Der Woodsen dressed in a fluffy, periwinkle blue ball gown by Diane Von Furstenberg.

(Chuck whispers in Blair's ear.) : You look absolutely ravishing lover, but you and I both know wearing white for you is a bit of a stretch.

Blair : Chuck! don't star-  (Chuck interrupts Blair with a french kiss.)  I'm glad you didn't do that in the church.

Serena : B , you look so gorgeous !

Blair : You too, S !

Chuck : Yes, sis next to my blushing bride,  you are Dressed to the Nines.

( A tall waiter places champagne and fresh, raw oysters in front of Chuck and Blair.)

Blair : Oysters? Who asked for these?

Chuck : Me, to get us ready for the honeymoon, but we'll have a few practice rounds in the limo first , don't worry.  (Chuck winks at Blair.)

Blair : Where are we going, anyway?

Chuck : The Greek Isles.  Cyprus, to be exact.  Yes,  I'm taking my Venus to the Island of Venus.  (Blair blushes.)

(Serena taps her fork on her glass and calls the room to attention, preparing for a toast.)

Serena : Hi, everybody and thank you for coming today.  I am so happy for Chuck and Blai-

(Suddenly, Dorota stands up.)

Dorota : Wait ! ...... I must say something !.....  (Dorota starts to cry softly.)

Blair : Dorota, what's wrong?

Dorota : Miss Blair, Mr. Chuck, I am  the one who you call this Gossip Girl.....................

Blair : Oh My God ! ! !

Chuck : What?!

Dorota : I am sorry......!

(Sobbing harder,  Dorota turns on her heel and disappears..........)

(Everyone in the room is frozen with their mouths hanging open.......)