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Elite Community [Sep. 19th, 2004|03:29 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!

Click here for the application

If you have any questions comment here...
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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2004|04:54 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!

Love the GossipGirl series? Come join our GG RPG!


Choose your favorite character from the novels, apply, and you could role play as them! Come join today :) There are still tons of awesome characters up for grabs, like Aaron and Dan!

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Gossip Girl RPG [Jul. 6th, 2004|03:10 am]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!
You know you love us...
now join us!!

Just fill in this application and send it in....

Name and real account:
Character wanted:
give a brief journal entry example of your ability to perform as your character(4-6 sentences):
How often will you be able to participate?:
Favorite thing about your character:
Most importantly, why do you wish to play this character?:

so go join!

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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2004|07:37 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!
[I feel... |calmcalm]
[I'm listening to... |"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" ~ Eurythmics]

  1. Untitled, but taken from "I Like It Like That"
  2. miamilicious
  3. PG ( I guess...ratings for movies have become pretty lenient)
  4. Blair decides to talk to Nate at Georgie's party, and the ending Blair/Nate fans want happens :)

From pages 150-151 of “I Like it Like That”

“Blair noticed that Nate was sitting by himself on a leather sofa in the corner of the living room, sort of picking at his toes.  He was wearing his broken-in navy blue Brown sweatshirt and a pair of tattered yellow St. Jude’s gym shorts.  With his wavy golden brown curls and sparkling green eyes, he looked like a sad little boy.”


Blair turned to look at Erik, who was mixing liquor behind the bar, but could not escape the feeling that something was wrong with Nate.  Mechanically, she smiled at Erik and took the Mai Tai he handed her.  Thankfully, Erik walked out to the hot tub to join the snowboarding team, and she realized two things: there was a huge table of catered food, and Nate was still sitting alone.  This was her chance to find out what had been bothering him for the duration of the trip.  Although she was still planning to give it up to Erik, she couldn’t resist finding out if Nate and Georgie had done it yet.


            “Hey,” she said casually as she daintily sat down next to Nate with a plate full of potstickers.

            “Hey” said Nate, sounding more unstoned than he ever had.  Once again his horny feelings reared their head as he looked at Blair.  She looked even more like Audrey Hepburn now with her cute pixie haircut.  Her jeans fit just right, and he could see a bit of her soft cleavage under the soft blue cashmere pullover. 

            Blair noticed him looking at her.  “How are things with you and Georgie?”

            “Getting worse.  All she wants to do is get messed up somehow, and doesn’t care about me.  What about you and Erik?”

            “Oh.”  Blair looked down at the floor and nervously twirled her little ruby ring.  “He’s…okay.  But I think Serena’s getting pissed at me.”  She stuffed a potsticker in her mouth and chewed.

            I know she’d rather have me end up with you, Blair thought.

            “I see.  So I guess he’s out naked in the hot tub with the rest of them?”

            Blair rolled her eyes.  “What do you think?”

            I think we should do it, Nate thought, but instead he said, “He’s out there, and so is Georgie, fucking Snow White Chuck and the Dutch Olympic Snowboarding team.”

            Blair looked at Nate, and realized that they were having the same problem.  For some odd reason, she couldn’t resist the urge to just laugh.  The trip had been so stressful, and after all, it was supposed to be relaxing!  It became harder and harder to stifle her laughter, and she ended up laughing harder and harder until tears stained her face, along with her mascara.

            Nate, at the sound of Blair’s sweet little laugh, couldn’t resist laughing too.  When he realized Blair had black streaks all over her face, he took off his Brown sweatshirt and held it out to her.

            “No,” she said, “I think I’ll run upstairs and just wipe it off in the bathroom.”

            Nate followed her, knowing this was a subtle invitation.  They climbed the stairs together and were out of sight, just in time for Erik and Georgie to walk back inside and realize neither of them was around.

            Blair found the bathroom and washed the mascara off with a plush Ralph Lauren washcloth, then took her time drying her face as Nate stood by her, not yet sure what to say.

            “Nate, it’s just been hard for me lately,” she began in her Audrey-needs-your-help voice, “I screwed up another Yale interview, my Mom made my room into baby central…and I hate Cyrus…” she burst into tears again.

            Now, Nate knew exactly what to do.  He held Blair close as she sobbed.  “Nate, I missed you so much, and I don’t know what to do…”

            “I know what you mean.  Georgie has been so fucked up this trip I haven’t had a moment alone with her.”


            “And apparently she and Chuck lost it to each other in sixth grade.”

            Blair rolled her eyes.  What the fuck?  Chuck was the horniest guy she knew, but then Georgie was probably getting high back then too.

            “Hey Blair,” he said shyly, “remember all those times we were trying to take the next step and never did?  I heard once you quit pot you have better sex.”

            It wouldn’t solve all her problems right then, but Blair knew whatever happened next, Nate was hers again.


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FINALLY AUDREY. [Jun. 7th, 2004|04:17 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!
2. miss_blair, aka Samantha.
3. PG
4. A little piece of fluff I whipped up last night. Blair yearns for Nate, he yearns back... and well, read on, young grasshopper. Read and enjoy! And don't forget to comment!
For the beginnings of this story, check the first journal entry in my livejournal!

Finally AudreyCollapse )

Wow, that was really corny! I'm just a hopeless romantic. Read and reply! ♥-
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A Little Message From Your Mod! [Jun. 7th, 2004|04:06 pm]
Gossip Girl FAN FICTION!
Hey People!

This is your mod, miss_blair for GGFanFiction. I'm so pumped to start this community- but I need help from you all to make it successful!

This is basically a community where you can post stories based on the Gossip Girl novels, which we all know and love. You can also post requests. Requests are a story you want to see written. Like... "I'd like to see a Dan/Kati FF where Kati gets pregnant!" or "I'd like to read a FF based on the lyrics of (blank)."

So get to it! I'll make the first story post... a little piece of fun I wrote last night that gives Blair her happy ending.

Au Revoir!-
Samantha ♥
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